What Exactly is an Atlas Orthogonist?

The Atlas Orthogonist is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic who, in addition to eight or more years of education, utilizes a light force method of specifically adjusting the spine. The Atlas Orthogonist has undergone extensive training specializing in correcting spinal misalignment by using the atlas orthogonal percussion instrument. This method is gentle and effective and requires post graduate training. Our center uses the Atlas Orthogonal procedure of health care exclusively, to care for our patients. This precision form of upper cervical spinal correction reduces the mechanical strain painlessly without forceful movements or twisting of the neck or back.

Meet Doctor Kerr


Dr. Patrick Kerr


Doctor Patrick Kerr was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1967.

His family moved here to the states in 1970.

He graduated from Marist College in 1990 and graduated from Life University, Atlanta GA in 1995 and went on to specialize in the Atlas Orthogonal Technique. He started his practice in New York right after he graduated.

Dr. Kerr suffered from back problems most of his life. It is because of this that he went on to dedicate his career to helping others and why he has such a great understanding of what patients are going through and what happens to the body when not in correct alignment.

He played football in high school and college which helps him to understand football and other sports injuries. It is this knowledge that led to the development of his neck protection device for football players.